Arab Spring

A barren tree, once full of life
Stands leafless, brown ice in gloom
A barren tree, once full of strife
Stands not a spark, not a flower in bloom
A barren tree, once full of promise
Stands in sorrow, a promise but for tomorrow
As for today, not a leaf dares there stay

Friday, December 09, 2005


To put it in perspective, the Egyptian government killed eleven Arabs in the last three weeks and the Israeli government killed four Arabs. The Egyptian government’s police also wounded scores of fellow Egyptians and two Palestinians were wounded by an Israeli air strike.

To put it in perspective, the Egyptian government sent out paid thugs, gangsters and police officers to beat harass and shoot at Egyptian voters in areas where they are thought to be voting for opposition parties while Israel does not want to lift obstacles and road blocks around the West Bank and East Jerusalem to allow Palestinians to vote.

To put it in perspective, the Egyptian government has decimated the Egyptian economy in the last 23 years, where the standard of living has steadily declined and Egypt’s influence around the world has become nothing. Simultaneously, the Palestinian economy is nonexistent, where the majority of Palestinians are not employed and most of their infrastructure has been destroyed by Israeli bombs.

To put it in perspective, the Egyptian government receives more than 2 billion dollars in US money annually, which is second in American foreign aid only to Israel, receiving more than 3 billion dollars in grants and many more billions in loan guarantees that would never get paid off. And Americans wonder why Arabs hate us.

To put in perspective, the Egyptian government occupies 70million Arabs, while Israel only occupies a total 5.5 million Arabs (counting those within Israel).

Who needs enemies when you have Hosni Mubarak?


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